Emma joined ModelHealth coaching team in 2017 and has hit the ground running. With a figure to aspire to, Emma certainly practices what she preaches and works closely with her clients to help them also achieve their goals .



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To me, personal training and nutrition should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. From spending many hours in my younger years doing cardio I know first hand how tedious training can become, especially if results begin to slow. I aim to pass on this knowledge I have built over the years to all of my clients to keep training interesting and enable them to make a lifestyle change and lead a more active healthy life. Not only will I focus on exercise but diet is huge for me. Nowadays I see so many extreme restricted diets which yes, produce short term results, however are impossible to maintain. I am a massive believer in balance, and not having to put my life on hold in order to feel or look healthy. This goes for my clients also. I aim to teach all my clients about nutrition and how to fuel for their own body in accordance to their lifestyle. NOBODY is the same, and that’s fine, not everyone enjoys the same lifestyle. I create a fun environment with all my clients and help them work towards their goals week by week. Creating a good mindset and having the motivation for hard work I believe anything is achievable. If you want to track your exact macros day by day to be in the best shape for your holidays, I can help you with that, or if you’re looking to make those lifestyle changes to generally lead healthier more balanced life I can also help you with that. We can set some goals, and together we will smash them!

Emma x


  • 121 Personal training and Small Group Training Available
  • All programs give fully customised nutrition plan
  • We set up your calories and macros depending on your goals
  • We constantly re-assess you to ensure you are hitting your targets
  • Training is periodised to suit your goals for the time we have set ourselves as a team


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