Kevin Walker was the original Founder of ModelHealth and though he is a driving force behind the development of ModelHealth, Kev also still coaches in Semi Private Training and our Large Group Training.


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Before you even consider me as your coach, I want to tell you who I can best help and why I’m so passionate about doing so. I want to be known for someone who not only gets people in the best shape of their life, but actually teaches them how to actually stay lean for the rest of their life.

After all what’s the point if you’re only going to go backwards. Training, Eating, Recovering, Relaxing, and most importantly socialising needs to be balanced so that you stick to it. You can’t eat rabbit food forever, you can’t train 6times per week forever, and at the same time, you can’t expect to eat junk food and have nights out without eventually putting weight on forever.

This has to be turned into a lifestyle project. This is where I dedicate my time to listening to you. I am going to find out where you currently are, where you have been before, get a history of your previous training and nutrition, and really understand where you want to get to.

Only then can I map out a plan of action that will work for you.

Within this program I will ensure you are still doing things you enjoy, while also doing thing’s you need to do, and I will always work on your weaknesses, because by doing so, you will only ever become stronger, leaner, healthier, and happier overall.

  • 121 Personal training and Small Group Training Available
  • All programs give fully customised nutrition plan
  • We set up your calories and macros depending on your goals
  • We constantly re-assess you to ensure you are hitting your targets
  • Training is periodised to suit your goals for the time we have set ourselves as a team


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