Marc Dehavilland

Marc Dehavilland



Marc became part of the ModelHealth coaching team in late 2017 and has proved himself to be not only an awesome coach but an inspiration to clients. Marc’s work ethic in the gym is a glowing example to all of his clients aiming for their own personal goals.



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Previously unfit and overweight, my fitness journey started back when I was in the military. I was a Royal Military Policeman for 6 years and together with 2 operational tours of Afghanistan, gave me invaluable experience that is priceless and made me the coach that I am today.

I specialise in both bodybuilding and powerlifting so gaining strength whilst losing body fat is something I’m very good at it. Whether that’s through my own training on a daily basis or my clients every single session in the gym. I will push you to ensure you are progressing every single session and on track to meeting your goals.

All of my experience and knowledge with regards to training and nutrition is field tested, scientifically proven and used on many many clients before you. Together we have made positive, long term, sustainable results.

I have two goals with every client. One is results – because that’s what you pay for. The other is that you learn something. I will teach you how to have a flexible diet whilst at the same time going out with friends and having a social life. I ensure a good balance between reaching your goals and enjoying life to its fullest.

My clients know that I will break my back and bend over backwards for them to ensure we are getting the goals we both set out to achieve from the outset.

Nothing is too much and I love a challenge. I can get anyone into the best shape of their lives. Anyone.

  • 121 Personal training and Small Group Training Available
  • All programs give fully customised nutrition plan
  • We set up your calories and macros depending on your goals
  • We constantly re-assess you to ensure you are hitting your targets
  • Training is periodised to suit your goals for the time we have set ourselves as a team


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