Marty joined the ModelHealth team after a long career in the military and police. His experience working in these environments has sculpted him into a passionate and engaging coach. Marty is our Large Group Coach and also coaches Daytime classes too.


Work with Marty in the following programs:


Hi I’m Marty and this is my chance to introduce myself to you all.

I’d consider myself very lucky on two counts, firstly, having served over 30 years in the Army and Police service (yes I’m really that old!!). I can indulge in my lifelong passion for health & fitness. Secondly being able to work with ModelHealth, which I consider to be one of the standout facilities in the north east, is a fantastic opportunity.

This ‘award winning’ facility is such a positive environment with some brilliant, committed, knowledgeable trainers and I’m honoured to be part of the team. I currently run Large Group classes with the occasional daytime class thrown in. I have many years experience training large groups and I find it fulfilling and enjoyable. Even though I may be dealing with up to 24+ clients in a group I always ensure that everyone has a fun, enjoyable and challenging session according to their needs.

Clearly in such mixed groups not everyone will be at the same level so I often tailor particular workouts or exercises to suit individuals where necessary – this may simply be suggesting an alternative exercise or suggesting a more appropriate rep range or weight. My philosophy is quite simple – people need to enjoy their gym time in order to achieve results. If I can create a fun environment clients are more likely to hit the one thing that will ensure success of achieving their goals – CONSISTENCY.

It’s incredibly important to be consistent both with regular workouts and nutrition in order to fully progress and this is where we excel here at ModelHealth. Our consistent approach to providing a challenging (but fun) environment is key to the numerous successful transformations that you can see on the website. I don’t currently do semi-private training but am looking to add 1-2-1 clients who are available during the day Mon – Fri. If you fancy giving us a try I have every faith that one of our team will be a perfect fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay strong