When I started out in fitness I had no idea what kind of impact I would have and what kind of program I would create. All I knew is I was willing to be the hardest working person out there trying to find out how I can best serve people.

But little did I know the roller-coaster this would create and the family ModelHealth would build along the way. To be honest it’s not often I sit back and look at everything that’s happened because it makes me quite emotional to see how our little family has scaled so drastically over the years.

By family I don’t just mean the staff here but more importantly the clients. This facility has been built entirely on what our clients wanted and we have constantly invested every single penny we earn to achieve the perfect little facility in the heart of Newcastle and we will never stop doing this! Our facility is built FOR OUR CLIENTS!



Who would have though this skinny client of mine would turn out to be one of the most important things in my life. He came to me seeking advice on how to not only get a better physique, but also to get help on a degenerative disease he suffers from called Staargart’s disease.

This is where the cells in his eyes are slowly degenerating (dying). But this does not stop this man from being the most dedicated and committed person I have ever met. After 12weeks working with me Mr. Myers changed his physique remarkably and during this time he found out what sound nutrition can do to improve his eyesight. As he improved his nutrition, the issues with his eyesight slowed and he seen remarkable improvement.

At this time in his life sadly his Mum passed away and it was also this point where he actively spoke about the love he had for fitness and health and wanted to help others achieve what he did. His Mum told him just before she past that he should follow his dream and to this day he has gave everything to helping make ModelHealth what it is today. I can’t stress enough how proud I am to be sharing this journey with ‘Mini Kev’.

This man has some major goals in life, a major goal being that one day he wants to be able to keep up with me in the weights room!


There is truly something unique happened here that is so rare it only comes along once in a lifetime. As a person, nothing makes me prouder than to say I have my lifetime partner here working with me helping me build this dream gym facility. My partner Gemma Watson became a Personal Trainer and joined the ranks here at ModelHealth. Working alongside her truly is amazing because you can share that passion and both the highs and lows of everything in life.

She keeps me right, not only does she support me in work but for someone who has so many things going on all at once, she brings balance to my life which is so important for me. Without her I wouldn’t be here doing what I am today. Sorry for being mushy at this stage but when someone needs to know how much they mean to you, you need to say it. On another note, you will never know someone who can fall asleep so quick. God gifted her this talent because it is literally a freak of nature how it happens. I actually thought she was kidding at first but it’s ALL THE TIME! I never get tired of her talking and falling asleep mid conversation if it’s around bed time.

She can also make something amazing out of nothing. The fridge could have some spinach, half a tomato and an egg, and next thing you know there’s a casserole in front of me. That’s what won me over and got her bagging this HUNK! 😉


Crazy to think but there’s actually two family couples here and Kev Myers’ wife is also part of the team here. Seeing the positive changes that having Gemma and I working together as a team, I think it showed what the possibilities are and that if you love and are passionate about something then you should do whatever it takes to succeed. That she did when Vicky Myers became a qualified Personal trainer and now they try to be the power fitness couple here at MH 😉

They have just had an amazing baby together and it’s in the genes that baby Annabelle Grace Myers will be following in the healthy footsteps of her Mammy and Daddy. We are so proud.

Vicky is very similar minded to me and this shows in all areas of Kev Myers’ life. Basically I tell him what to do here, and she tells him what to do at home. The poor man just simply nods and gets on with it. High Five Vicky! 😉


No, not my brother from another mother, but my actual brother in real life. To have actual family work within my business is incredible, never for a second did I think growing up I would have a successful business but an actual business with family involved is truly inspiring for anyone looking to achieve their dreams. Craig is never wrong, neither am I, so you can imagine what happens when something does go wrong. But this guy makes everything happen. He puts me in place and pics up everything I leave behind and fixes it from the business end. The biggest gamble I think I ever took was to ask him to leave his job and come and work alongside me. Kev and I didn’t really have the money to afford to pay someone full-time. But we needed help and took the plunge and guaranteed to pay him risking ALOT. It was a scary time for everyone but it has now paid dividends.

Since this day we’ve never looked back and i’m ecstatic to have my brother leading the operations here at MH. But be sure to know he even takes credit for all the transformations our coaches achieve too. It’s all because of him. Like everything that’s successful here, it’s of course down to him! 😉



Yes, my Grandad, who to me is actually my Dad, because I never had one growing up, is part of this incredible journey too. Without this Man I wouldn’t be where I am today. My Grandma and Grandad help me initially set up my business and when times were really hard at the start, they supported me and when I opened my first gym facility, my Grandad enforced one rule, that he would help make sure everything was always fixed, and everything was working properly.

To this day he’s still here, building walls, fixing equipment and machines, and putting me in my place whenever I need it. May this continue forever for me!

But whatever you do, if you see him up a ladder, or at a height higher than 2feet, PLEASSSEEEE get him down safely!



Yes, I kid you not, we truly are the family type business here and we are super proud to have Gemma’s Mum working in the Deli here helping us feed, fuel, and greet our clients every single day. The person who smiles more than anyone, actually looking back, I don’t think I have ever seen her not smiling if I’m honest. But it means the world to us that we can bring another family member in who helps our clients feel at home and part of such a friendly atmosphere every single day.

If she offers you all the food for free because she is so happy with life, please say no and insist on paying because we won’t be able to afford the rent 😉



This bubbly little creature has more positive energy in her than the amount of lightbulbs that would light up a stadium. Again, just like Kev Myers she was a client of mine, and she proved what being a role model was all about. It was an easy decision to bring Cheryl into the ranks here and not one day goes by where I regret that decision. The only thing I must say I dislike about her is her infatuation with wanting touch my nipples. Since the day she found out about my phobia of anyone touching my nipples due to a bad reaction I had to electricity once (ask me if you want to know), I can’t walk past her without her wanting to touch them. I can’t even walk round my own facility without constantly feeling on edge.

You’d think I could enjoy my time in my gym, but no, she just won’t have it.



You will know what I mean after just a few seconds in her presence. The happiest, politest, most punctual, and stylish lady around. Luccia is a client who loved our concept so much she offered to help us in any way she could. Again, we have built this from within because we truly value what our clients can offer and she had oozes of wisdom to offer from past businesses she has owned and sold. She is the leader of our Deli, and our hospitality and everything that looks nice in our facility was most likely down to her.

Oh and by the way, her name, it’s pronounced ‘Loo Sea Ah’ not ‘Looch Ee Ah’ get it right please 😉



He’s the first person we took on from the outside world who wasn’t a blood relative or had been part of the facility before. But we had heard good things about him, and one thing we wanted was another dimension in our business, and boy did he bring that. But what was the real reason he got the job over all the others who applied?

His mentality is remarkably like mine. It’s a hard working mentality, a one where there is no blame but on yourself, you do the work, you put in the time, you make the choices, and you reap the rewards, and you work harder than anyone else.

It’s like looking in the mirror, until you see his frame and his face. Unfortunately I was not gifted with his chiselled looks that men would kill for and women would drool for.

What motivates him is what motivates all of us here at ModelHealth. To be a family of people that want to all pick each other up every step of the way and never leave a man down.

DO NOT leave a piece of equipment lying around the gym with him around though. Your life will end instantly he likes things tidy 😉


Leighanne Wildman, our OZZY bombshell left the world of ‘DOWN UNDER’ and became the hottest ‘booty’ in Newcastle after Gemma and Vicky both became pregnant. Cheryl lost her chance with ‘hottest booty’ when she decided my nipples were her new fidget buttons. But this former athlete turned Personal Trainer was brought to us through a client as she makes amazing treats that we could sell at our deli. But when she arrived we quickly realised her potential as someone that is super personable and a fantastic coach. It’s amazing to have someone as positive as she is everyday helping our clients achieve the best out of themselves.

Run if she catches you in the middle of a set though because you will be set upon by a loud frenzy of words forcing you to do 90 more reps after you’ve already failed. One thing’s for certain, this OZZY knows how to get the best out of her clients without question.