Working out your daily calories

Working out your daily calories

We all know Calories are important, and we know that they are dependent on a few thing’s such as your bodyweight, lean mass, stress levels, lifestyle habits, the kind of activity you do daily with work and general thing’s, and much, much more.

We’ve created an easy to follow set of guides below to help you understand roughly where you should be at depending on your weight, and from this, gauge whether you’re getting too much for your goals, or whether you maybe aren’t getting enough.

Remember with all calculations everything is based upon rough guides until you master tracking regularly and then can make more meticulous changes going forward.

Remember that with calorie counting, it’s important to understand tracking your week compared to just 1 day. This means if you have a total goal for the week, you can play around with your days a little bit to help fit thing’s in your lifestyle better.

I personally like to enjoy my social time, so these are times where I would eat thing’s that aren’t really on plan, and also likely consume more than my normal amounts. By enjoying social time in this way but then making up for the difference in other days, you can have more guilt free choices knowing that you haven’t necessarily ruined all your hard work you put in the previous week. That’s the last thing you want.

You results should not come in the way way of being happy, feeling positive, and enjoying life. There’s a balance to both where you can get all of the above without all the sacrifice. There’s also the time where you need to suck it up and work hard too of course 😉

The tables below are guides for your total calorie consumption for your day.


1) Find your weight on the scales
2) Scroll down until you see your weight to the nearest KG/LB!
3) Choose between the number 10-16

10 = High Deficit
11 = Medium Deficit
12 = Low deficit
13 = Maintenance Level Calories
14 = Low Surplus
15 = Medium Surplus
16 = High Surplus

So for example let’s say I am 80kg’s!
If I wanted to start at maintenance calories then I would simply scroll down and then look at number 13 which would be 2288 calories per day.
If I wanted to work towards a High Deficit I would look at number 10 and it would say 1760.

If you are starting out personally I would suggest maintenence calories because at the minute you don’t actually know what you are eating over the course of a week. So by using this general number and assessing your weight and measurements over the course of a week, then you can make informed decisions based on what your results say.

From there you can then start manipulating calories in vs. calories out to make it work for you.

Check below and see where you might want to start out when it comes to your daily calories.

For the 80kg person their calories daily was 2288. Therefore one week of calories is 16,016 calories. This allows you freedom to enjoy certain days more than others so that it can fit your lifestyle and actually work for you!


About The Author

Craig is our Operations Manager here at ModelHealth.